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Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission and Strategic Plan

Values, Mission, and Vision

2017 - 2019

Core Values

Community Service

We are committed to helpful, friendly, and quality service that promotes lifelong learning.


We are committed to being ethical, honest, responsible, and trustworthy.


We are committed to an environment of respect for our patrons, staff, and library resources.


We are committed to the responsible use of all resources entrusted to us by the public in an open and accountable environment.


We are committed to using emerging practices and technologies
to meet current and future community needs.


Our mission is to enrich our community by providing access to resources and services that educate, inform, and enhance the quality and enjoyment of life.


  • Known, valued, and used by the public

  • Staff and services that meet the growing needs of the entire community

  • Innovative options for accessing library services

  • Vibrant community center

  • Vital partner with community organizations and individuals
  • Highest level of excellence as recognized by the Kentucky Public Library Association

Woodford County Library Strategic Plan

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

The Woodford County Library Strategic Plan provides a cohesive vision and direction for the Library for the next three years and beyond. The Strategic Plan outlines the Library's plans for customer-focused service and enhanced technologies to better serve the community and position the Library as a relevant and high-achieving public service organization.

Goals and Performance Indicators

Goal 1

  1. Increase circulation annually by 2%
  2. Increase program attendance 10% by FY 2020

Goal 2

Performance Indicators:
  1. Increase # of cardholders 10% by FY 2020
  2. Increase library visits 5% by FY 2020

Goal 3

Performance Indicator:
  1. Increase outreach visits by 10% in FY 2018

Goal 4

Performance Indicator:
  1. Positive audit reports