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Silent Auction

Silent Auction

Friends of the Library Silent Auction 2022
---Bidding closes at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 10, 2022. Please note that bidding will close promptly at 5:00 p.m. Bids timestamped after 5:00 p.m. through the online form will not be accepted. ---

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to bid on a piece. Enter in the artwork's number and the amount you would like to bid. Bids will be accepted through Saturday, December 10. Proceeds benefit the Friends of the Woodford County Library.

Note: This page is not automatically updated when a bid is entered. We manually update the bids as soon as possible.

Grandparents House Rules
by Sharon Timperman

Quilt, 22"x 41"

Current Bid: $125 by Lynn F.

Christmas Book Quilt
by Frieda Gebert

Quilt, 37" x 39"

Current Bid: $50 by Camille A.

Sunflower House
by Ann Causey Mendenhall

Quilt, 24" x 24"

Current Bid: $25 by Sue D.

Little House on the Prarie
by Frieda Gebert

Quilt, 62" x 76"

Current Bid: $75 by Fay L.

by Janet Dake

Painting, 27" x 27"

Current Bid: $96 by P. Campbell

Daughter of the Morning Star 
by Jennifer Klee

Quilt, 17" x 30"

Current Bid: $40 by Rebecca S.

Flag Quilt
by Shirley Denney

Quilt, 35" x 59"

Current Bid: $200 by Melissa G.

The Western Star 
by Jennifer Klee

Quilt, 17" x 30"

Current Bid: $35 by Joyce F.

Dragon Tales
by Kelly May

Quilt, 19" x 25"

Current Bid: $60 by Elizabeth D.

Baby Animal Quilt
by Elizabeth Weisenberger Townsend

Quilt, 28" x 35"

Current Bid: $35 by E. Grisand

Koala Lou
by Sharon Bloom

Quilt, "22 x 26" 
Comes with handmade plush koala, not pictured.

Current Bid: $85 by Ann M.

Guess How Much I Love You
by Peggy Knapp

Quilt, 30" x 30"

Current Bid: $35 by Damaris B.

Moby Dick
by Barbara Kessler

Quilt, 22" x 40"

Current Bid: $50 by Linda M.

Bluegrass Ceramic
by Nicole LaPorte-Murray

Ceramic, 16" x 12"

Current Bid: $125 by Caryl P.

War Emblem
by Missy Fox Trumbore

Painting, 16" x 14"

Current Bid: $100 by Lissa W.

My Reading Hideout
by Libby Watts

Painting, 6" x 8"

Current Bid: $50 by Geri I.

by Damon Farmer

Painting, 14" x 11"

Current Bid: $100 by Emily S.

Open Book Pillows
by Frieda Gebert

Two Quilted Pillows, 14" x 14" each

Current Bid: $45 by Ann M.

Tree Frog
by Margaret Jeffiers

Painting, 12" x 15"

Current Bid: $100 by Melissa S.

An ABC Adventure
by Sue Dozier

Ink Drawing, 11" x 11"

Current Bid: $55 by Geri I.

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